Angel Whispers

Have you ever truly heard
An angel whisper in your ear?
Their voices are soft and comforting
Letting you know you have nothing to fear.

If you listen very carefully
You just might hear their sweet voice
Whispering to you of God's perfect love
And all things that make you rejoice.

They do their very best
To always watch over you
To keep you safe and happy
In everything you do.

So, next time you feel lonely
Kind of scared and feeling blue
Just whisper to your Angel...
... And listen ...
For they'll whisper back to you.

~ And You'll Feel Their Love ~



If you have ever wished
you could turn back time
to erase a mistake
and make everything right,
then you'll know
how I'm feeling right now.
And if you have ever tried
to search for the words
to say that you're sorry
and how much you care,
then you'll know
what I'm trying to say...
and how very sorry I am




From Me To You

I'm sending happy
Thoughts your way
Hope you have
A wonderful day.

I'm here if you need me
And want you to know
Our friendship is special
And continues to grow.

From beginning to end
Have a good day
And know you're thought of
In many special ways!







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